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This CHERISH SIGNATURE COLLECTION is our DE'LUXXE size L.O.V.E. Acrylic Boxes with Eternal Roses inside. 


PriceFrom $349.00
Color Roses
  • Our CHERISH De'LUXXE SIGNATURE COLLECTION is designed with our Y'UNIQUE Eternal Roses inside an X Large L.O.V.E. black box with an acrylic cover.  Size: 19.5 X 19.5 X 6.25 inch.  Prices start at $349.00 for solid color roses, starts at $449.00 for metallic roses, and starts at $499.00 for our specialty roses


    Please note that by mixing different colors of roses together, will cause the pigmentation of rose colors to collide and may stain the lighter colors of the mixed roses.  It is best not to mix the colors.    If the colors are kept seperately in the same box, the colors will not fade as long as they do not collide with each other.

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